First Party Data Platform

Start building a relationship with your audience with First party data platform PubSurge. Discover the value from first-party data.

Identity Management

Manage the identity of your audience and users across segmented channels. Integrate with your existed Auth system.

Ad-free Solution

Provide ad-free experience for premium users whenever the user sign in - on mobile device or desktop.

Premium Offers

Access to exclusive content or offers on owned media and third party media.

Tipping and Payment

Allow users to send a tip and make micro-payment to the article or content.

Membership Management

Manage subscription members, premium users on your the website.


Give back rewards to your users.

Multiple-channel touchpoint

Connect the dots from Desktop, Mobile apps, Web push Notifications, Chat, Email, SMS and Social, Out-of-Home, In-Store etc.

First-Party Data Management Platform

Start to collect first-party data from users wisely and obtain explicit consent from consumers before collecting and using their data.


Trigger one-to-one campaigns, provide one-to-one recommendations based on user behaviours and first-party data.