Content Quality Check

Scan the potential quality issues of your website content in a scalable way.

Search Engine Optimisation

Idenitfy the opportunity to improve Search Engine ranking. Get the suggestions how to improve your website and content.

Trending Pages and Topics

Classify the web pages and extract contextual topics. Know which pages and topic are trending on your website.

User Behavior Data management

Manage user behavior data and gain insight about how user engage with your website and content.

User Re-engagement management

Re-engagement users by groups and segments through different channels.

Personalised Offers

Provide different offers, content for different users.

Multiple-channel touchpoint

Connect the dots from Desktop, Mobile apps, Web push Notifications, Chat, Email, SMS and Social, Out-of-Home, In-Store etc.

First-Party Data Management

Start to collect first-party data from users wisely and obtain explicit consent from consumers before collecting and using their data.


Trigger one-to-one campaigns, provide one-to-one recommendations based on user behaviours and first-party data.